TÉA Creative is dedicated to utilizing the method of Insight Artistry to support the development of authentic and transformative creative work, across all fields. Over the past decade TÉA has developed Insight Artistry to create both theatrical works and a personal practice for artists and creatives.

We are committed to the continuous development of Insight Artistry. At the helm of this development is the Insight Artist Collective, a group of artists dedicated to sharing this method with other creatives. TÉA productions is the theatrical division of the organization engaged in using Insight Artistry for the making of art.


VIEVE RADHA PRICE is the Founder and Director of Mission at TÉA Creative. She launched TÉA Creative in 2015 with the purpose of enhancing the scope, collaborative reach, and methodological rigor of Insight Artistry – the approach to artistic creation, performance, and audience engagement she has been developing for over a decade. Vieve has recently established the Insight Artists Collective, and she is currently collaborating on two books, a handbook on Insight Artistry, and Questing for Insight, an introduction to the philosophical approach that grounds her artistry and artistic creation. Presently, and in collaboration with six Insight Artists, Vieve is at work on a new Insight Art piece focusing on the dynamics of race in the U.S. 

Over the past ten years, Vieve has created and produced five original, collaboratively devised Insight performance pieces. In the process, she has received several residencies including George Washington University, the Irondale Ensemble Theatre, and The Actors’ Studio, and funding from the United Nations, Odyssey Networks, Intersections International, and World Connect, to name a few.

Vieve began her career in the arts in 1995 as an actor and then as assistant artistic director at STAR Theatre. In 2000, Vieve entered the Peace Corps, and upon returning to the U.S., she received the Sargent Shriver Peaceworker fellowship and completed two Masters degrees, one in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, and another in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. She subsequently worked at Search for Common Ground in Washington DC before founding the TEA Project with the goal of creating Insight theatre – group devised, community-based, theatrical performance pieces that integrate the Insight approach to conflict transformation with the performing arts. In 2012, she entered into a joint venture with Intersections International before branching out to launch TÉA Creative. She is also a managing member of The Private Theatre in New York City.


CHUK OBASI serves as the Artistic Director for TÉA Productions, the theatrical division of TÉA Creative. He is also a Managing Member with The Private Theatre, an Actor with the People's Theatre Project, Movement Project Director at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting, Adjunct Professor of Musical Theatre at Drew University, and choreographer for STAR Theatre at the Director’s Company. Obasi recently served as Artist in Residence at Intersections International, Artist in Residence for FYR is LiT (Fueling Youth Reading is Leadership in Training) at the Caribbean Museum Center for the Arts in St. Croix, USVA, a Teaching Artist with the National Dance Institute, and Performer with Village Playback Theatre.

In conjunction with his artistic work, Obasi is a social justice advocate, and has taught workshops on several social themes as well as using art for social justice for colleges, high schools, and professional organizations - most recently including Drew University, Fieldston Ethical Culture, Humanities Preparatory Academy, and Girl Be Heard.

 Obasi Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from SUNY Geneseo. He is the recipient of the 2019 Zelda Fichandler Award - a full scholarship to study with the Michael Chekhov Association. As a performer Obasi works on both stage and screen. A New York native raised in the Bronx, Obasi currently resides in Manhattan with his family.  


TALYA M. HERNANDEZ-RITTER is the Director of Community Engagement at TÉA Creative, focusing her efforts on how Insight Artistry can be used across fields and disciplines to create richer and more authentic work. Since beginning her work with TÉA in 2017, she has been collaboratively developing Insight Art and articulating the method of Insight Artistry.

Talya is an actress and writer who has been engaged in socially-responsive theatre and film throughout her career. She was recently in the world premiere of Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex which was devised using Insight, and last year co-wrote and performed a piece of Insight Art for the World Connect Gala. Her short film The Stone & The Stars was screened at festivals across the country, and she co-directed a documentary looking at the War on Drugs from the perspective of Coca farmers in Bolivia entitled La Hoja Malentendida. She is currently part of a team of artists devising the latest Insight Art piece on the decolonization of self and race relations in the U.S., and is co-writing a handbook with Vieve Price on Insight Artistry. 

She is a recipient of the Davis Projects for Peace grant, which allowed her to design a curriculum and implement a theatre program at a Capoeira school in Salvador da Bahia in Brazil. She holds a B.A. from Sarah Lawrence College in Theatre and Community Development.