Insights Artistry is a method that allows artists and creatives to liberate their aesthetic curiosity and realize their artistic aims.

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Insight Artistry is a method for creating that invites artists and creatives to wonder with the kind of startling openness that lifts us out of our habitual ways of knowing and thinking and into curiosity. At the heart of Insight Artistry is the practice of paying explicit attention to the way each of us makes meaning, experiences significance, and uses our mind.

The intrinsic drama of human living is rooted in a simple but commonly overlooked fact: we all have minds and we all use them – oftentimes counterproductively – in our efforts to become ourselves, build relationships, fend off what threatens us, and heal what ails us. Insight Artistry helps us discover the questions that guide our minds towards clarity and deliberate action. Insight Artistry builds a practice of reflexivity— a practice of staying present to ourselves and the way in which we are using our minds. This allows us to stay anchored in what is significant to us and responsive to what our creative pursuits ask of us.

The creative horizon of Insight Artistry is therefore a big sky, potentially as broad as the exercise of the human mind. Practitioners of Insight Artistry can be professionally engaged in different ways. They may be artists, whose creative talents find expression in one or more of the performing or fine arts. They may be creatives, whose artistic talents find expression in roles and endeavors not traditionally associated with the arts.

The unique contribution of Insight Artistry to the work of artists and creatives is that it enables us to critically explore the way individuals involved in a particular conundrum or triumph are using their minds. It enables us to creatively discover the richness intrinsic to this flow of consciousness. It enables us to aesthetically express all of this in an authentic artistic form appropriate to the subject matter and its projected audience.

Insight Artistry focuses on the interiority of ourselves and others to bring to light the intrinsic drama, conflict, and self-transcendence of the efforts to become ourselves, build relationships, fend off what threatens us, and heal what ails us. This method carries us all the way to the manifestation of these discoveries in our lives and work.  



The genesis of Insight Artistry as a distinct method can be traced to the sequence of Insight Design Labs and workshops sponsored by TÉA between 2012 and 2015 under the title, There’s Something About America. The artistic aim of this initiative was to critically explore, creatively discover, and aesthetically capture the dynamics of polarization in American social and political culture.

The initiative, which engaged over two-dozen, diversely talented theatre artists on a monthly basis, for over four years, yielded a number of important results. One result was the creation of a theatrical performance piece – Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex – which was jointly produced by The Private Theatre and TÉA Productions at HERE Arts Center in 2019. A second result was the incorporation of TÉA Creative and the further development and propagation of Insight Artistry.

 In 2017, supported by a grant from World Connect, TÉA Creative launched the Insight Artists Collective, a cohort of nine Insight artists and creatives, each committed to the development and practice of Insight Artistry. Since then we have been refining and sharing Insight Artistry through consulting, workshops, presentations and trainings.