In 2017 TÉA Creative launched the Insight Artists Collective, a cohort of eight Insight artists challenged with further developing the tenants of Insight Artistry. 

Insight artists are committed to creating work that asks its maker and its audience to wonder. To wonder with the kind of startling openness that lifts us out of our habitual ways of knowing and thinking, and into curiosity. At the heart of Insight is the exquisite attention we pay to the interiority of ourselves and others. It is with this in mind that we shape the stories we tell, and the process with which we create them.

VIEVE RADHA PRICE (founder) launched The TÉA Project in 2008, which later became TÉA Creative in 2015, with the purpose of enhancing the scope, collaborative reach, and methodological rigor of Insight Artistry – the approach to artistic creation, performance, and audience engagement she has been developing for over a decade. Insight Artistry has given Vieve a way of exploring, discovering and expressing what matters to her and the communities she cares about through the performing arts. Vieve is currently collaborating on two books: a handbook on Insight Artistry, and Questing for Insight, an introduction to the philosophical approach that grounds her artistry and artistic creation. She has presented her work on Insight art and Insight Artistry at numerous conferences, ranging from the Ryan White National Conference in St. Louis to the West Coast Methods Institute at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles.

LUCY DI ROSA is a writer, producer, and communications professional. Lucy was an early collaborator on what would eventually become Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex; she became familiar with the Insight approach during the early phases of creation of that piece. Lucy is also Director of Content and Communications at the Sargent Shriver Peace Institute (SSPI), an NGO devoted to research and communications about Sargent Shriver, founding Director of the Peace Corps and architect of the War on Poverty. SSPI is considered a leader in the application of the Insight approach to Sargent Shriver’s peacebuilding method. 

TALYA M. HERNANDEZ-RITTER first worked with TÉA as an actor during the development of Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, AlexShe deepened her understanding of the method while participating in the Artists for Global and Social Change workshop in 2017. Talya finds that Insight helps her get to the heart of things. It has been an incredible tool to realize the full potential of collaborations, and consistently helps her to discover questions that bring greater clarity and authenticity to her work. She is currently collaborating on the latest Insight piece and co-writing a handbook on Insight Artistry with Vieve.

AMANDA MARIKAR is an NYC-based actor, writer, singer, and proud member of the Insight Artists Collective. Amanda first began working with Insight Artistry with TÉA in 2010, when she joined the company of Under the Veil. Since then, she has collaborated on the creation of Cadence: Home, a play based on Insight conversations with veterans of Iraq and Afghanistan. She has also participated in numerous Insight workshops, and finds that Insight makes its way into both her creation of art, and into everyday life, in surprising and exciting ways. She looks forward to sharing Insight with other artists.

CHUK OBASI is a New York-born actor, writer, director and choreographer. Chuk has been an artist with TÉA since its inception in 2008 and has studied Insight theory and application in theatre for over ten years, beginning with the group-devised creation of the play Under the Veil. He has collaborated on all theatrical TÉA projects to date, including the most recently produced Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex and critically acclaimed play Uniform Justice, which he wrote and directed.

ADRIANA ROSSETTO started studying Insight in 2013 as a way to device theatre performances and fell in love with the application of Insight in theatre and beyond. With the Insight Collective and other Insight trained artists, Adriana found a way to collaborate and participate in the creative process that brought more wholesome and honest results, without being result-oriented. Insight is about allowing time to dwell on the process without getting lost in its rabbit holes. Better listening, better questioning, better presence.

NABIL VIÑAS was introduced to TÉA as an actor in the play Cadence: Home. He later collaborated on the Insight Artists for Global and Social Change workshop where he was introduced to and became familiar with Insight as a framework for conversations and for creating art. Nabil is now part of the team developing the current Insight piece focusing on the dynamics of race in America, with which he has conducted dozens of Insight Conversations, and uses the Insight framework collaboratively with the company. As someone who does a lot of community building work, Nabil is appreciative of how effective Insight continues to be as a method for thoughtful and connected collaborations.

SARAH WHARTON first engaged with Insight in 2013 while developing a theatrical piece about polarization in America. Insight has helped Sarah deepen her understanding of her art-making and has shifted the paradigm of her work. From building more holistic working environments on set, to creative problem solving, to developing non-traditional story structures, Insight guides Sarah through all her decision-making, helping her create freely and authentically.