Founding and Artistic Director of TÉA Creative, Inc. :

Vieve Radha Price

In 2015, Price started TÉA Creative with the vision of broadening the development of Insight Artistry by deepening the integration of theatrical performance and the Insight approach to conflict transformation. To this end, she has established the Insight Art Collaborative, is finishing a handbook on Insight Artistry, and is collaborating on a book, Getting to Insight, which will make Insight theory and the Insight approach accessible to the general public. 

In 2008, she founded TÉA (Theatre Engagement and Action) with the goal of creating Insight theatre – group devised, community-based, theatrical performance pieces that integrate the Insight approach to conflict transformation with the performing arts in the service of peace building and conflict transformation. In 2012, Price merged TÉA with Intersections International becoming the Artistic Director of TÉA and the Director of Insight Initiatives.

Price has created and developed four Insight theatre performance pieces: Under the Veil (2009), Cadence: Home (2012), Uniform Justice (2014), and There’s Something About America (2012), which the TÉA Company developed further and renamed Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex (premier 2019).

Price began her career in theatre for social change in 1995 as an actor and then Company Manager at NiteStar, an HIV prevention program employing interactive musical theatre to educate youth about high risk behavior. In 2000, Price joined the Peace Corps, serving as a youth development volunteer in Vanuatu and using the theatre and the arts to educate young people about HIV/AIDS prevention. Upon returning to the U.S., Price received Masters degrees in Public Policy from the University of Maryland, and in Conflict Analysis and Resolution from George Mason University. 


board of advisors:

Jamie price, Farid Johnson, John Rubin, Marni Jull, Adriana Rossetto