Insight Artistry is a practical application of the generalized approach to the empirical method formulated by Bernard Lonergan, the Canadian philosopher, theologian, and methodologist (1904 – 1984).  Lonergan’s account of method is based on the simple yet subtle insight that we have minds and we use them. As Lonergan points out, the mind we have is in fact marked by a regular and recurrent flow of conscious operations that includes experiencing, understanding, verifying, valuing, deliberating, evaluating, and deciding. Whenever we use our minds we engage in this flow of operations. And as Lonergan also points out, since we put our minds to many uses, we engage with the patterned flow of consciousness in myriad ways. What distinguishes a method from any other use of human consciousness is that we employ a method when we seek to make a series of progressive and cumulative discoveries in a particular area of inquiry. That is the essence of scientific method. It is also the essence of Insight Artistry.

The simple yet subtle insight that drives Insight Artistry is the recognition that the way we use (or misuse) the patterned flow of our consciousness is intrinsically dramatic and entertaining. In fact, the uses we make of our minds lie at the root of all tragedy and comedy, all conflict behavior and whatever transformation we might manage to achieve. Artists and other creatives use Insight Artistry as a method. It enables them to progressively explore and cumulatively discover, and aesthetically capture the dramatic nature of human living.