TÉA takes an imaginative approach to content and form to create performance pieces that illuminate the inner patterns of feeling and thinking that precipitate the way we interact with each other and ourselves. The theatrical aesthetic of Insight Art aims to illuminate the inner pattern of character’s feeling and thinking in such a way that audience members themselves become reflexively curious about their own inner patterns of feeling and thinking and how these patterns precipitate their own valuing and decision making.



For nearly ten years now, TÉA has been progressively developing a platform for the collaborative design and creation of Insight art.

In 2009 we partnered with Intersections International to gather and train the original company of TÉA actors, with whom we worked collaboratively to create Under the Veil: Being Muslim (and Non-Muslim) in New York, post-9/11. We performed the piece dozens of times, in six states, to thousands of audience members.

In 2012, we produced Cadence: Home, exploring the personal experiences of veterans returning to their friends and family from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was a site-specific piece performed to sold out crowds in midtown Manhattan.

On the strength of this success, TÉA became an official initiative of Intersections International, we continued to collaborate together until 2015, at which time we formed TÉA Creative, Inc. to further develop and propagate Insight Artistry.

In 2014 in collaboration with the Mayor’s Innovation Team in Memphis, Tennessee we created Uniform Justice, a piece about police community relations. It subsequently played to full houses and terrific reviews at the New York Fringe Festival.

In 2012 we began the incubation and development of a piece exploring the polarization of the United States. Originally titled There’s Something About America, and re-named Rocco, Chelsea, Adriana, Sean, Claudia, Gianna, Alex the piece was co-produced by the Private Theatre and premiered at HERE Arts Center in New York City in 2019.

Currently, we are developing a multidisciplinary piece focusing on race relations in U.S. and the decolonization of self.